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Sales Performance &
Attitude Research Compendium

Sales Performance & Attitude Research Compendium (SPARC) is a comprehensive assessment survey and analysis designed to understand sales performance strengths and deficits, and deliver insights on which skills and behaviors need development and improvement.

SPARC will give management the insights necessary to help identify differences and uncover gaps that require changes and/or training to improve performance and impact revenue growth.

The SPARC survey measures individual sales skills and behaviors across 10 major categories. The individual data is benchmarked against aggregate performance data for the entire team and by their managers.

The survey data analysis provides detailed and specific guidance and recommendation on sales skills development by individual and team ratings for the following categories:

  • Preparation
  • Prospecting
  • Communication
  • Presentation
  • Qualifying
  • Obstacle/Objection Handling
  • Closing and Negotiating
  • Product Aptitude/Knowledge
  • Client Relationships
  • Post-Sales Activities

The Unprecedented Benefits of SPARC

The primary benefit of assessing your team via the SPARC survey is that all key company players, from executive leadership and sales management to sales or account management executives, gain insights on what skills and capabilities are impacting revenue. The data helps you make the right decisions and set strategies that impact the organization so that it can perform at the highest level. SPARC not only helps the evaluation and management of current staff, it can be used as a tool to help determine whom you should hire. The cost of making wrong personnel decisions has never been higher – getting it wrong is no longer an acceptable business loss.

How to use SPARC

The dynamic nature and complexity of the media and advertising industries means that even the sharpest executives can’t possibly know everything about what’s working and what needs attention regarding revenue generating activities. Data and insights from SPARC means that you’ll learn of gaps you never knew existed in your sales operation and can apply the survey insights to direct strategic and corrective efforts and energies.

Information Helps Sales Management Manage Better…And Feedback Helps The Sales Team Perform Stronger

Sales and account management executives crave specific and comprehensive support, but can only receive it if company constituents have truthful and relevant knowledge that can be utilized effectively.

To compete and win, reps need sophisticated skills including foundational selling techniques, technical understanding, business empathy, and consultative skills.

SPARC provides company management with the diagnostic feedback needed to create a training and development construct that will get results.

  • Obtain comparison data on 10 key skills/traits that assist in creating a career development plan
  • Achieve a refined view on how to think about personal selling strategies within the organization

Examples of Aggregate Team Data and Insights

Closing and Negotiating
  • Reps highest confidence in discussing financial terms
  • Managers lowest confidence in using USP as a closing lever

SPARC Closing and Negotiating example

  • Reps highest confidence with strategic research
  • Managers lowest confidence in time management

SPARC Preparation example

Confidence in Presentations
  • Significant gaps between sales executives’ and manager’s assessment on ability to present to different levels and responsibilities

SPARC Confidence in Presentations example

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