Instructional Design.

Laredo Group Instructional Design
Our team of experts can optimize or manage your media ops…or we can train you to do it yourself.

Laredo Group Instructional Design Services (IDS) Provides…

  • Courses to run on your in-house or corporate Instructional or Learning Management System
  • Latest Adult-Learning Methodologies
  • Dual-Modality
  • Blended Learning
  • Microlearning
  • Multimedia Integration of Existing Content
  • New Hire Curriculums
  • Ongoing or Continuous Education Curriculums
  • Staff with Master Degrees in Instructional Design, Teaching and more

Click here for an infographic, illustrating the framework and steps for our course development and delivery:

Laredo Group Instructional Design Infographic thumbnail

The Laredo Group IDS provides eLearning and Instructional Design Services to help your organization improve and advance its internal and client facing training needs.

  • New Hire On-Boarding
  • Separation & Outplacement Programs
  • Compliance & Certification
  • Internal Product Training
  • Sales Training
  • Customer Service
  • End-User Tutorials & Support
  • Editing Services
    • Instructional, Marketing and Communications Material

Our experts develop course curricula and provide you with the full package of services needed to create your training program. Content can include:

  • Curriculum Design
  • Video Tutorial Creation & Production
  • Course Catalogs
  • eLearning Courses
  • Job Aids
  • Templates
  • Content Design Layouts
  • Branding and Internal Marketing Messaging Content
  • and Much More…

Our Instructional Designers will work with your Subject Matter Experts…or engage additional external subject matter experts…to design, develop, and deliver Instructor Led or engaging eLearning courses for you to publish on your existing LMS…or on an LMS designed and managed for you by Laredo Group. Our courses provide learners with an immediate first person experience that is designed to build confidence and make your content come to life.

We build knowledge, develop skills, communicate processes and procedural policies through engaging learner centered activities in an experiential learning style designed to increase retention.

Leverage the power of innovation with our Dual–Modality courses that are designed to be delivered to an individual as an eLearning module or by one of your own facilitators to a group. This approach meets the diverse and growing needs of your organization and provides you with the flexibility you need in a rapidly changing environment. Need to Start or Improve an Internal or Customer Academy/University?

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