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Multi-Course Registration Discounts Explained

During one registration process, you will be able to register one or more people for one or multiple courses. You can even register people during one registration process for different courses in different cities or on different seminar series dates. The Multi-Course Registration Discount adds a discount to either the total Standard or Early-Bird Pricing (depending on which is valid at the time of registration).

For example: If you register one person for 3 courses during Early-Bird pricing, they will get 15% off for Early-Bird, plus an additional 7% off the discounted early-bird pricing due to registering for 3 courses. So the registration and costs would be:

Early Bird prices reflect 15% Early Bird Discount. (available through 10/24/2012)Early Bird

Person 1 - November 13 - Intelligent Planning & Buying of Interactive Media: Level I$594.00
Less 7% (3 course discount) off THIS course:-42.00
Person 1 - November 14 - Intelligent Selling of Interactive Advertising: Level II$679.00
Less 7% (3 course discount) off THIS course:-48.00
Total Undiscounted Price:$1273.00
Total 7% Multi-Course Discount for 3 Courses$-90.00
Final Discounted Total$1183.00

Another example would be registering 3 people for 2 courses each, also during Early-Bird. They would all get 15% off the Standard Pricing for Early-Bird, plus an additional 11% percent off the discounted early-bird pricing due to 6 courses being registered for across all 3 people.

If, in another example, 4 people registered for 3 courses each after the early-bird pricing had expired, then they would all receive 15% off, due to a total of 12 courses being registered for in that one registration.

Note: Some courses may not be eligible for the Multi-Course Registration Discount and will not count towards the total course count number for discounts for which other courses may be eligible. Any courses not eligible for Multi-Course Discounts will be clearly marked as such. In-Person Seminars and Online Training courses are calculated separately for course totals and are not additive.

Please feel free to call us at (954) 990-1650 for further help or explanation.

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