Intelligent Selling of Interactive Advertising — Level II
Intermediate Digital Sales Techniques

Laredo Group Course Completion Certificate Selling Level IIDesigned for publishers, VP Sales, national account directors, senior sales reps, e-business managers and directors, marketing managers and directors, business development managers and directors, print and broadcast sellers who are transitioning to digital sales, those in digital media who want to accelerate their media revenues.

This course builds on the Level I course, providing more in-depth “how to” knowledge and sales skills needed for understanding all of the digital options. We cover what media types and platforms work best for different client objectives and how to respond to brand, direct response and brand-response campaign goals as well as their metrics and measurement criteria. Students will understand how digital currency and pricing relates to performance and how to use different research and data sources for better audience insights.

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   Who Should Attend, Agenda and Course Outline

Who Should Attend

In-House Sales Team
  • VP of Sales
  • Publishers
  • Managing Directors
  • Sales Directors and Managers
  • Sales Reps
  • National Account Directors and Managers
  • Account Directors and Managers
  • Account Executives
  • Account and Sales Planners
  • Ad and Revenue Operations
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales Assistants
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Directors and Managers
  • Interactive Marketing Directors and Managers
  • E-Marketing and E-Business Directors and Managers

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Agenda for All Courses (details subject to change)

8:30 - 9:00AM Sign-In/Continental Breakfast
9:00 - 9:15AM Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:15 - 10:15AM Morning Session
10:15 - 10:30AM Morning Break/Refreshments
10:30 - 12:00PM Morning Session Continued
12:00 - 12:45PM Luncheon Served
12:45 - 2:00PM Afternoon Session
2:00 - 2:15PM Early Afternoon Break/Refreshments
2:15 - 3:15PM Afternoon Session Continued
3:15 - 3:30PM Afternoon Break/Refreshments
3:30 - 4:20PM Afternoon Session Continued
4:20 - 4:30PM Wrap-Up/Q&A
Course Outline  
  • Shifting media consumption and budgets
  • Digital media imperatives
    • Accountability and measurement
    • Holistic approaches
    • Evolving creative and standards

Ad Sales Reality Check
  • A new way to think about selling media
  • The selling of media brands
  • Changing value propositions
  • Changes in inventory and impact on pricing
  • Competitive and pricing pressures
    • Responding to fragmentation
  • Role of content and audiences in advertising
  • Complexity in the sales process
    • Metrics
    • Optimization
    • Balancing client and publisher needs
  • Expectations for digital sellers
    • Local and national media
    • Consumer and B2B

Understanding the Digital Playbook
  • Following the digital consumer
    • The expanding digital ecosystem
    • Digital marketing components
      • Search marketing (SEO and SEM)
      • Email and newsletters
      • Advergaming
      • Podcasting
      • RSS
      • Social media
      • Mobile, widgets and apps
  • Selling mobile
  • Trends in categories and vertical industries

Ad Networks and Exchanges
  • Defining ad networks and exchanges
  • How ad networks and exchanges are changing the landscape
  • Competitive selling propositions — pros and cons of ad networks

Fit the Media Platform to the Sales Funnel
  • Media consumption and demographics
  • Evaluation of ad opportunities across online and offline media
  • Evaluation of ad opportunities across digital platforms
    • Fitting the platform to the objective
    • Impact of ecosystem changes on advertisers and publishers

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Selling into the Objective
  • Understanding client objectives
    • The branding objective
      • Media requirements
      • Branding research
      • Measurement and expectations
    • The direct response objective
      • DR goals and expectations
      • Methodologies and success metrics
      • Testing variables
    • Brand-response objective
    • Additional metrics: key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • What questions to ask

Digital Currency, Performance and Pricing
  • Advertising qualifying attributes
  • Traditional versus digital media
  • Digital currency elements
  • Tying currency to performance
  • Ad impressions and share of voice (SOV)
  • Pricing models
  • Price ranges and factors
    • Lower and higher CPMs
    • Performance-based ad models

Selling with Media Research
  • Multiple sources of data
    • What questions each data source answers
    • Data for campaign analytics
  • Audience measurement through syndicated research
    • How panels work
    • Syndicated versus site based/server data
    • How to handle data discrepancies
  • Other audience measurement tools
    • What and how your clients use different sources of data
  • Ad effectiveness research

Socially Smart Selling
  • Using social media to gain account and competitive perspectives
  • Monitoring tools
  • Tracking trends and competitors
  • Etiquette for using LinkedIn

Wrap-up and Discussion
  • Setting expectations
  • Staying on the cutting edge
  • Review Laredo Group resources
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Interested in taking this course Right Now…On-Demand…Online…Worldwide?
Click Here for information on our Online Training Course: “Intermediate Digital Advertising Sales”.

All Laredo Group Courses are designed to enable students to immediately understand and engage in interactive digital media and marketing in its many forms. They are for all who need an understanding of Internet advertising best practices, ad programs, vocabulary, how ads are delivered and measured, how to differentiate and use branding versus direct response ads, and to understand the opportunities and limitations of what can be accomplished with online advertising and how this benefits advertisers. A limited number of students is allowed in each course, so each student can be assured of maximum interaction and learning and robust program presentation and curriculum, comprehensive manual and experienced a setting that allows for greater interaction between instructors and students, providing more immediately relevant dialogue and information for each individual student.

Note: All Laredo Group courses are updated and modified frequently to reflect the rapidly evolving and changing online advertising and media industry. All course outlines are therefore subject to change without notice.

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