Intelligent Selling of Interactive Advertising — Level I
Essential Technologies, Concepts and Best Practices

Laredo Group Course Completion Certificate Selling Level IGain a thorough understanding of industry terminology, technologies and interactive advertising principles and concepts. This course will cover ad delivery, measurement, pricing, research and creative; highlighting those components that impact advertising delivery, efficiency and performance. Whether you’re new or just need to improve your knowledge and skills, this is an essential course.

This comprehensive course is constantly updated to give participants an in-depth review of ad types, trends, industry standards and best practices. It highlights how all of the digital media components work together. This course reviews the essential building blocks and ensures a complete perspective of digital media opportunities, and provides a “how to” approach to getting started, following best-practices and ensuring that you have a thorough understanding that will enhance your career and benefit your clients.

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   Who Should Attend, Agenda and Course Outline

Who Should Attend

In-House Marketing Team
  • VP of Sales
  • Publishers
  • Managing Directors
  • Sales Directors and Managers
  • Sales Reps
  • National Account Directors and Managers
  • Account Directors and Managers
  • Account Executives
  • Account and Sales Planners
  • Ad and Revenue Operations
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales Assistants
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Directors and Managers
  • Interactive Marketing Directors and Managers
  • E-Marketing and E-Business Directors and Managers

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Agenda for All Courses (details subject to change)

8:30 - 9:00AM Sign-In/Continental Breakfast
9:00 - 9:15AM Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:15 - 10:15AM Morning Session
10:15 - 10:30AM Morning Break/Refreshments
10:30 - 12:00PM Morning Session Continued
12:00 - 12:45PM Luncheon Served
12:45 - 2:00PM Afternoon Session
2:00 - 2:15PM Early Afternoon Break/Refreshments
2:15 - 3:15PM Afternoon Session Continued
3:15 - 3:30PM Afternoon Break/Refreshments
3:30 - 4:20PM Afternoon Session Continued
4:20 - 4:30PM Wrap-Up/Q&A
Course Outline  
  • What Will You Get Out of This Training Program?
  • What Will You Do as a Result of This Workshop?
  • How to Get the Most Out of This Training

Key Trends and Forecasts
  • The World of Digital Media
    • Media Budgets Shifting to Digital
    • Data Makes Digital Advertising More Effective
    • Redefining Measurement
    • Evolution Ad Units and Formats
    • Changing Avails of Ad Inventory
    • Optimization
  • Ad Revenue Forecasts and Trends
    • Display Ad Trends
    • Interactive Marketing Forecasts
    • Mobile and Social Ad Spend
    • Online vs. Print and TV Ad Spend

Digital Media Ecosystem
  • Transformation of the Web
  • The Expanding Mix and Platforms
  • The Digital Media Ecosystem
    • Content sites
    • Ad Networks & Exchanges
    • Search
      • SEO vs. SEM
      • Keywords and the Role of Search in Consumer Behavior
      • Dissecting a SERP (Search Engine Results Page)
    • Mobile Marketing
      • Opportunities and Ad Formats
      • Devices, Usage, Apps, Considerations
    • Social Media
      • 5th “P” of Marketing
      • Social Media Components

Ad Units and Formats
  • IAB Standard Ad Units and Specs
    • Ad Sizes and Specs
  • Non-Standard Ad Units
  • The Universal Ad Package
  • Rich Media (Branding) Ad Units
    • Billboard
    • Filmstrip
    • Portrait
    • Pushdown
    • Sidekick
    • Slider
  • Other Ad Units
    • Delisted IAB Ad Units
    • OPA’s Ad Units
    • Text Ads
  • Mobile Ad Units
    • IAB Mobile “Rising Stars”
  • Facebook and Search Ads
  • Social Media (Native Ads)
  • Evolution of Creative Formats
    • Static to Rich Formats
  • Rich Media Definition
  • Rich Media Ad Examples
    • Expand Ads
    • Floating Ads
    • Peel Backs/Fold Overs
    • Wallpaper, Skins, Margin Ads
  • Social Ads
    • Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon (Native) Ads
  • More Intrusive Ads
    • Interstitials, Introstitial, Pre-stitial, Gateway
  • Video Ads
    • In-Banner Video
      • Execution & Considerations
    • Streaming Video Ads
    • Overlays Ads
    • In-Skin, In-Text Ads
    • Mobile Video Ads
  • Rich Media & Video Metrics
  • IAB Video Ad Standards
  • Dynamic Ad Creative, Ad Versioning
  • Finding Creative

Ad Delivery & Tracking Ads
  • Ad Serving Overview
    • Ad Delivery
    • Site Ad Servers
    • Third-Party Ad Servers
  • Ad Delivery Process
    • Different Editorial and Ad Content Sources
    • How Ad Impressions and Clicks are Counted
    • Delivery of Ad and Session Cookies
    • Discrepancies in Counting Ad Impressions
    • Ad Delivery via Ad Exchanges
  • Ad Stack, the Technology Used for Serving Ads
  • Ad Delivery Ecosystem Definitions
    • DSP
    • RTB
    • Trading Desk
    • SSP
    • Data Aggregators, DMPs
    • Programmatic Buying
  • Tracking and Counting Ads
    • Above & Below-the-Fold
    • Viewability of Ads
      • Definition, Considerations
  • Ad Scheduling and Delivery
    • Smooth, Weighting
    • ROS vs. Targeting
  • IAB/4A’s Terms and Conditions

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  • Targeting Overview
    • Targeting Goals
    • Content & Audience Targeting
  • The Art of Targeting
    • Basic Demographic
    • Behavioral
    • Technographic
    • Content
  • Targeting Continuum
    • Day Part
      • Considerations, Pro’s and Con’s
    • Technographic Targeting
      • Computer, Domain, Access
      • Geo-targeting, ISP vs. Zip Code
      • Pro’s and Con’s
    • Content Targeting
      • Content vs. Contextual
      • Semantic
      • Examples
    • Audience Targeting
      • Declared
      • Inferred
      • Predictive
      • Social Proximity
      • Look-Alikes
      • Other
      • Behavioral Ads
      • Re-targeting
  • Local Targeting Options
    • Local Content
    • Portals, Ad Networks
    • Geo-Based
    • User Provided Demos
    • User Declared
    • Search Options
  • Facebook & Mobile Targeting
  • Targeting Considerations
  • Trade Off: Reach vs. Targeting
  • Targeting Pro’s and Con’s
  • Cookies Defined
    • Different Types of Cookies
    • Cookie Drawbacks
    • Tools that Track Cookies
  • Targeting & Privacy

Campaign Performance
  • Sources of Data in Digital Marketing
    • Campaign Data
    • Audience Data
    • Audience & Campaign Measurement
    • KPIs and Social Metrics
    • Client Marketing Data
  • Metrics by Type, Platform
    • Display
    • Social
    • Email
    • E-Commerce
  • Measurement Definitions
    • Clicks, Click-Throughs, Click-Through Rates (CTRs)
      • Click-Through Rate Variables
      • When it is Appropriate to Use Clicks and CTRs Metrics
      • What it Takes to Get Clicks
    • Interaction Rates
    • Dwell Rates
    • View-Throughs
    • Performance Metrics
      • CPC, CPA, CPE, CPV
    • Conversions/Conversion Rates
  • What Happens After the Ad is Served
    • How to Improve Campaign Performance
    • Attribution Defined
      • User Exposure and Interactions with a Campaign
      • Attribution Scenario
  • What Impacts Performance
    • Creative
    • Messaging, Call-to-Action
    • Targeting
    • Placement
    • Ad Size
    • Frequency
      • Frequency in Branding vs. Direct Response Campaigns

    Wrap-up and Q&A
    • What’s Taking Off
    • Monitoring Industry Trends, Changes in Best Practices
    • Staying Informed
      • Recommended Newsletters, Media Sites, Blogs, LinkedIn Groups
    • Laredo Group’s Resources
      • Glossary
      • Return on Ad Spend Calculator
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Interested in taking this course Right Now…On-Demand…Online…Worldwide?
Click Here for information on our Online Training Course: “Fundamentals of Interactive Advertising and Digital Media”.

Course Note: The Level I Intelligent Selling and Planning and Buying courses cover the same topics...the material that everyone working in the interactive advertising industry needs to know. As a result, the courses are taught as one course, together in the same room, so you’ll be able to hear the perspectives of those you’ll be dealing with, as well as those in similar positions from other companies.

All Laredo Group Courses are designed to enable students to immediately understand and engage in interactive digital media and marketing in its many forms. They are for all who need an understanding of Internet advertising best practices, ad programs, vocabulary, how ads are delivered and measured, how to differentiate and use branding versus direct response ads, and to understand the opportunities and limitations of what can be accomplished with online advertising and how this benefits advertisers. A limited number of students is allowed in each course, so each student can be assured of maximum interaction and learning and robust program presentation and curriculum, comprehensive manual and experienced a setting that allows for greater interaction between instructors and students, providing more immediately relevant dialogue and information for each individual student.

Note: All Laredo Group courses are updated and modified frequently to reflect the rapidly evolving and changing online advertising and media industry. All course outlines are therefore subject to change without notice.

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