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An Intelligent Look at Interactive Advertising and Media
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The Digital Front
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ManReadingNewsFrom the Frontlines of Digital
In every newsletter, we will share links to articles and headlines of note across the following areas we consider essential coverage, with our thoughts on why they are required reading.
consumerConsumer Insights
We talk a lot about channel planning in our classes - yes - that somewhat conventional method of examining which channels make most sense for reaching and engaging your particular audience, before you unleash your plan. But, even more importantly, we talk about understanding and respecting an audience's mindset when they are engaged within a particular channel or platform. This piece serves as a nice reminder that just knowing a demographic is inclined to a certain channel, such as social, is not necessarily enough information to properly market to and engage them. The trending around who is engaging or disengaging and what their hot buttons and triggers are is essential intelligence.
Social Networking Doubles Among Boomers and Seniors - eMarketer
MilestonesMedia Milestones
Those of us who have been in the industry for a while - especially having spent any time doing business in the Bay Area - have always kept an eye on the trajectory of Craig Newmark and his Internet pop-cultural success, Craigslist. Its transformative role in our industry and its influence have been undeniable, even when we've questioned its monetization or elegance of the utility and interface. But, mostly, over the past few years we've been fascinated by the heat its drawn, characterized as a forum for everyday prostitution and criminal activity. This article takes a look at the recent landmark move by the company to shut down its adult services section. Self-preservation, PR ploy, response to peer pressure, legitimate change finally in the making? Worth pondering, read on.
DigitalDigital Creative
One of the most interesting areas of media creative to consider right now - is cross-channel development, migrating great creative from channel to channel, platform to platform. Nowhere is the need for creative ad unit options more evident than TV to video. Fine creative deployment requires some level of playing to the screen and the format. The industry is starting to see sparks of progress in this area. Just a quick bit for you from MediaPost.
Repurposing Online Video Banners for TV - MediaPost
DealsDeals of Note
Analytics and optimization are on all of our minds. So a juicy deal in this area always catches our eye. One of our greatest data challenges as marketers is the ability to legitimately deal with data and analysis across the totality of our spend, up and down the customer purchase funnel and continuum. Moves by our trusted data and analytics entities to help us get closer to a more unified, universal view are positive. Take a look at the value and details of this acquisition by comScore of Nedstat. One to watch.
MobileState of Mobile
On the theme of understanding consumer media utilization and mindset - we do constantly monitor studies on what consumers are doing online. But, in an increasingly cross-platform world, even more interesting, is how they are using their online time, when mobile. Take a look at these stats. Email still prevails, by far, but we may see emerging opportunities in other favored mobile activities: social networking, search, accessing portals, and more. This is an important pulse check when it comes to mobile.
How Americans Spend Mobile Internet Time: A New Look - Nielsen Wire
VideoVideo Evolution
We often talk about the changing environment around video. The space is maturing - with the video network infrastructure strengthening, a warmer environment for independent content production emerging, and something approximating global internet distribution becoming more of a reality. The potential for healthy growth is reflected in all of those things as well as the deal-making of the past year or so - including new arrangements between and YouTube; Freewheel and Google/YouTube. And now, as this article highlights, we're seeing a new level of cooperation between YouTube and content producers in general. Take a look. It's an indicator. Goodwill, good progress.
SocialSocial Media
Social media has been a trusty tool to travel marketers for some time now, at least from a basic customer service standpoint. But, what this article reveals is a more diversified use of social media platforms and approaches to market to, deal with and empower consumers in the field of travel. It now goes beyond basic customer service call and response - such as using Twitter to spot and field issues - and extends to provide consumers valuable utility for planning and sharing. Take a look at what appears to be a more grown up take on consumer engagement by travel marketers using social.
Travel industry uses Facebook and Twitter to reach customers -  
PublisherPublisher News
It has become evident that a trend that has always seemed somewhat peculiar -- has gained real traction with consumer, and therefore, within our ad economy. That is, "virtual goods" (also known as pretend merchandize) and the micro-payment structures that allow brands and marketers to utilize these goods to engage their consumers and perpetuate the socialization of their brands. This is a very straightforward article shining a light on this trend making its way into increasing numbers of publishing environments.
Advertising - Virtual Goods, Sold Through Real-Life Marketing -
OtherOther Articles
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