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An Intelligent Look at Interactive Advertising and Media
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Media Kits for Digital Properties
The Digital Front
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FeatureMedia Kits for Digital Properties 
By Leslie Laredo
One of the topics in our new Intelligent Selling of Interactive Advertising ­ Level III is media kits. These materials are a vital part of the "how to sell your site" equation, and we always get a lot of interest and discussion on this topic, so I thought I would share our insights here.
Securing media kits is one of the most important steps a buyer takes in developing the publisher consideration set.  Unfortunately, many buyers get frustrated by the lack of information, insufficient or old data, as well as the requirement to register in order to get information, or having to wait to get info.  Buyers tell us that they ignore sites that make it too hard to get the media kit.  I suggest sites follow 10 simple rules for their media kits to address these frustrations. We'll start with five today ­ and we'll share five more in the next newsletter.   
LaptopNewsFrom the Frontlines of Digital
In every newsletter, we will share links to articles and headlines of note across the following areas we consider essential coverage, with our thoughts on why they are required reading.
consumerConsumer Insights
A quick pulse check is a good thing when it comes to e-commerce. Practically a bellwether of consumer mood, periodic commerce stats are worth a look. We'd like to share comScore's latest figures, reporting a nice upswing since last year, a trend that's persisted here for a few quarters. Read on for the details.
Q2 2010 U.S. Retail E-Commerce Spending Up 9 Percent vs. Year Ago - comScore
MilestonesMedia Milestones
Where to begin? News of the proposed deal between Google and Verizon - and its drafted framework for net neutrality -- had our collective jaw dropping. On the surface, it sounds like a positive. But, if you do your reading, the level of nuance to what's been drafted could keep you debating amongst peers and friends for days. There's no shortage of coverage in the media and out in the blogosphere on this deal and this draft. But, we like this foundational article as it sheds light on the trickiness of what's being proposed.
Google, Verizon lay down a marker on net neutrality - Los Angeles Times
DigitalDigital Creative
This is an impressive round-up of digital creative. We like the examples, because they illustrate a level of innovation, a focus on consumer engagement and behaviors targeted by the marketers at hand. We also share the article for another reason. While the success stats are interesting -- we always suggest taking case studies a bit further and putting results in context. The story told is as important as the details. Just a reminder.
Creative campaigns from Aflac, Motorola, Subway - DMNews
DealsDeals of Note
In a space garnering so much attention as it gains true traction, we keep our eyes on deal-making and mobile. Acquisitions, mergers and collaborations that strengthen infrastructure, marketing and campaign deployment options are essential to continued evolution. This piece in ClickZ nicely highlights a key area of activity - investment in mobile ad firms. Take a look.
Mobile Ad Firms Continue to Attract Investment and Expand - ClickZ
MobileState of Mobile
We love when rich media capability catches up to the opportunity of any given format. Today, we have our eyes on the mobile screen as a format ripe for innovation. This article showcases new cellphone ads by an array of advertisers that are exciting in their leveraging of both creative and format or platform. It's essential to keep up with progress on this aspect of the mobile marketplace, as it plays directly into user experience and consumer usage habits.
New Cellphone Ads - - requires paid subscription
VideoVideo Evolution
Re-targeting as a digital marketing and media method is something we discuss often in our courses. It's fascinating to see it coming into the fold on the video landscape. There are a number of things happening around re-targeting in the industry, as the market fully realizes its potential. But, we thought we'd share this piece on the new partnership between BrightRoll and Magnetic.
BrightRoll Partners With Search Retargeting Firm Magnetic - MediaPost
PublisherPublisher News
It's not often we get to quote the New York Post in our daily work in the industry. But, every once in a while - as they are known to do - they serve up a headline that catches the eye.  This piece adds some fun tone to a look at Facebook and AOL's potential collaboration. It's no secret that Facebook is on a steady quest to monetize its aggressively growing assets. AOL knows a thing or two about selling ads. We'll see what comes of the discussions, but in the meantime - this is an important and also fun read.
Facebook, AOL quietly talking online ad hookup -
FeatureContinuedMedia Kits for Digital Properties
Media kits musts
1. Reflect quality and activity of the brand's community. We often discuss changing the focus on audience or users to the brand's community.  I like the description of community as it better reflects the relationship between a site's user base and their relationship to the media brand.
2. Provide data beyond audience composition. Advertisers want more insights on the "who" is going to a site and "why" they go and why they stick around.
I repeat many times throughout our training that understanding why someone navigates to a site, when there are so many choices, is a huge value differentiator. People vote with their time and time spent. And, repeat visits are a huge statement of value. Also, I stress sharing your understanding of the audience of "heavy "users versus light users.
3. Include updated stats from multiple sources, including internal web stats, comScore and/or Nielsen, or Quantcast. Media buyers have access to and use different research services.  In addition, it is important to explain why there are differences between the data sources, especially internal site data and syndicated research. Your information should be current, or no more than 6 months old.
4. Describe how to use different ad programs to achieve results, such as branding or response.  Media properties should educate their advertisers as to how to use their site to achieve results for different campaign objectives.  For example, a branding campaign would benefit from a homepage take-over or other more disruptive, larger ad units and placements.  This should be explained and explicitly illustrated.
5. Include screen grabs or illustration of each ad unit and their placements of every major page type: home page, section pages, and article pages.Indicating which ad placements are above the fold regardless of browser type or resolution is important, as the "fold "line varies with different views.
As part of the "how to sell your site" equation -- a well executed media kit is practically indispensable. We encourage you to address our best practices, and we'll share more with you next issue.
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